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Cyndi Draughon

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Cyndi Draughon

Women's Ministries Director

Women’s Ministries came out of the burden to encourage and support missions. Missions remains the heart of Women’s Ministries and its main reason for existence. Along with that great call is a mandate to minister to women in the society in which we find ourselves today. As our culture has experienced incredible shifting, meeting the needs of women has become a broad and complex calling. Women of all ages find themselves in roles and positions of responsibility that our society has not experienced in the past. The landscape of our culture has been dramatically altered in these recent times in the areas of morality, spirituality, relationships, finances and more.

We often see a fracturing of lives due to these changes that the only lasting solution for women and their families is the message of Christ love as experienced like in the story of the Samaritan woman at the well.

How can Women’s Ministries continue to stay true to its original call to surround our missionaries with prayer, connection, and financial support, while also reaching out to women of every age, ethnicity, and social status with the ministry and support that meets such a broad range of needs? It’s a tall order and, honestly, a daunting one. God is raising up a network of women here in Alabama that are praying and finding creative ways to support of missionaries and their families.

We desire to bring relevant, passionate, Spirit-filled ministry to the women in Alabama who are hungry to know their God in a deeper way. In this Post-Modern era in which many are embracing a pluralistic philosophy that preaches that many paths lead to God, we desire to find effective ways of taking the gospel to the women who haven’t yet experienced the truth that Jesus Christ is the One and only Way to the Father. We desire to partner with and encourage the pastor’s wives and leaders of the local churches by being a strong and supportive resource of information and events that bring spiritual renewal. And, we desire to connect the women of all generations under the instruction given to us in Titus 2:3-5.

How can all this be accomplished? It’s absolutely impossible to think a handful of women could fulfill such lofty goals. But God’s desire is to see all this take place and more! As He has gone with those before us in this wonderful ministry, so He will faithfully lead us in the times in which we live and are called to serve the women of Alabama. We can do all things through Christ!

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