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David Strahan

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David Strahan

Missions and Men's Director

We want to see a healthy church in every community.


Since 1980, the AMN churches have rallied with CP&D to plant over 150 churches. The Alabama Ministry Network continues to partner with churches and individuals who sense a call to plant healthy churches in new communities. If you are interested and want to know more, please download our New Church Plant Packet to find out more about our process, expectations, and covenant. This should answer many of your questions. You can also call the church office to speak with our CP&D Director.

New Church Plant Packet (Click on links below)

AMNAG Church Planting Application

CP&D Church Planter Funding Application

Steps to Planting a Church

CP&D Frequently Asked Questions

CP&D Goodwill Covenant

Expectations for New AMNAG Church Plants

CP&D Monthly Report

Our five-fold strategy

  • PLANT: Establish new traditional church plants.

  • PAC: Partner with Healthy churches to plant Parent Affiliated Churches (PACs).

  • ETHNIC: Work to plant new churches among our growing ethnic populations.

  • REHABILITATE: Partner with the District to rehabilitate closed properties and plant in those locations.

  • REVITALIZE: Partner with the District to revitalize severely declining churches that are on the verge of closing.

Please contact David Strahan at for more information on Church Planting & Development.

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