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Michael D. Sharp

Secretary - Treasurer

Alabama School of Ministry

The Alabama School of Ministry (ALSOM) was created by the Alabama Network Presbytery of the Alabama Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God to serve as Alabama’s official Network/District School of Ministry (N/DSOM). ALSOM is an online interactive educational and training experience that includes online access to all course material including the nationally produced Global University Berean textbook in downloadable formats. Each course also includes archived best lecture videos, live interaction with our excellent instructors, and online exams providing immediate grades to the students.

ALSOM uses textbooks produced by Berean School of the Bible, the national institute level distance education school for men and women seeking ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God. The textbook is supplemented with the best in current, relevant collateral reading and viewing resources in each course. Instructors are chosen from among credentialed Assemblies of God ministers or skilled instructors with education and experience specific to each particular class. Our instructors all have bachelors degrees and in most cases additional study and/or advanced degrees relevant to the course.

ALSOM students receive the latest and best scholarship and training we can provide in every course. ALSOM is not accredited by regional accrediting agencies, but is a high-quality institute level educational experience offering far more than most institute level programs at a much lower cost to the student. At present the classes are offered primarily on a monthly basis January through May, and August through November. June and December are used as make-up months for any courses that were missed earlier in the year. Laypersons desiring to learn more about the Bible and theology may take as many ALSOM courses as they wish without applying for ministerial credentials.

ALSOM Online enables us to offer many improvements and savings to ALSOM students, including:


  • convenient access to the course materials throughout the month …

  • One-stop online registration & payment of course fee (PDF of textbook included!). Then you have:

  • Immediate access to the Berean textbook as a PDF that can be read digitally or printed out (limit of one printed copy).

  • Access to excellent supplementary information, such as instructor’s notes, relevant articles, videos, podcasts on important course topics, and access to archived lectures for each course, all viewed at the student’s convenience, opening on the first day of the course month,

  • When lessons are completed, immediate access to the study guide for the final exam,

  • Then, an online final exam that informs the student of the course grade immediately,

  • All of this is accessed on the page for the course for which you registered.

  • The total cost is $ 50.00 for the whole course, including all of the course resources mentioned above.

THE 10th OF THE COURSE MONTH, Registration CLOSES for that course that month.

THE 11TH OF THE MONTH before next month begins, Registration OPENS for all courses that next month. The one course resource available upon registration is the Berean Textbook PDF. This enables the student to begin reading that first resource immediately.

Each course runs the length of the month. This means the course opens for access at on the 1st of the month and you MUST have your course completed by the last day of the month.

EXAMPLE: Registration opens on March 11 for April courses, and closes on April 10 for April courses.

You may link to ALSOM’s Registration page at to register for a course & pay the course fee of $50.00 (this covers all course costs).

After registering and paying the course fee, you may access the course at beginning on the 1st of the month. Beginning in January 2021 new enhancements will continue, including a live interactive session with instructors, email, Q&A, and other capabilities that make every ALSOM class a more accessible, effective, inexpensive, and enjoyable learning experience.

ALSOM is an institute level school, not an accredited college level institution. ALSOM credits will not transfer into accredited college programs outside of the Assemblies of God. ALSOM is designed for members in good standing of local Assemblies of God churches. Exceptions must meet certain criteria.

FEES: $ 50.00 per class. Includes everything - Berean textbook, additional articles, podcasts, videos, videoed lectures, live sessions with instructors, etc.

For more information please contact the office of ALSOM Director and District Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Michael D. Sharp at 334-279-7172 ext 2, or