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Jones, Tim and Marcia

Jones, Tim and Marcia

NextGen Children's Ministries, AGUSM

Tim and Marcia Jones have been in children’s ministry for over 30 years. They served New Life Church in Westover Alabama for 21 years as Children’s pastors. They have two children, Scott, who is a Youth Pastor in Alabama and Haley, who is a student at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL.
During their services they use different methods to communicate the gospel. The Jones’ believe church should be a fun and exciting place making you want to come back for more. Their heart is to raise up the Next Generation of young believers that believe God can do the impossible.
God has called Marcia and I to partner with churches to help them see this next generation become an army that stands up in schools and proclaim that Jesus is the only person that can change lives. An army of believers that does not mind laying hands on their friends in the halls of the schools and believing for miracles. Children that are so full of God that they go into their homes and live a godly life in front of their parents that cause their parents to want what their children have.
We have 3 objectives in our ministry:
1 – We will Train In
We will train and develop children leaders inside the church to be able to reach this Next Generation for Jesus.
2 – We will Train Out
We will be helping churches partner with local elementary schools to start or strengthen campus ministries. We want boys and girls from the community that may never get the chance to come to a church to hear the gospel and be discipled.
3 - We will Train Up
We will train up men and women who God has called to become Children’s pastors. We will be mentors and coaches to raise up new leaders for this next generation. This has always been a priority in our ministry and we believe God is calling men and women who need direction in their calling.
We would love to come and share our ministry vision with you.

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