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Saglimbene, Donald and Melanie

Saglimbene, Donald and Melanie

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Rev. Donald & Melanie Saglimbene
After 38 years of marriage and full time pulpit ministry, both as youth pastors and lead pastors, Melanie and I are ready to follow God into a new season of our lives! All of our kids are excited for us! Ashlyn and Aubri are married, and they have given us wonderful son-in-laws and beautiful grandbabies. Ethan is getting married this next spring, and we are excited about our new daughter-in-law! Life is good, and we believe this is the time that God is leading us on a new path.

As pastors, we have felt the pressures of carrying out the vision to the folks that we were serving, and we have experienced the loneliness that can come with it. But, as God directs the hearts of local pastors to build onto their campus, or take on new projects to expand their ministries--too often, they do not know where to get help to fulfil that vision.......and THAT is what CHURCH MOBILIZATION RV VOLUNTEERS is all about and THAT is what we want to do!

Recruiting and ministering to RV volunteers, helping to build the local church will be our ministry! We believe that my personal experience in ministry, and as a residential and commercial builder in the secular arena, along with Melanie's Women's Ministries and Events, qualifies us and prepares us to do what God is calling us to do. However, we CAN NOT DO THIS ALONE- would you consider letting us be your personal missionary?

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